I’m really jealous

…..of Stay-at-home Moms. Sometimes I just want to grab one and shake her. I want to scream, what does your husband do for a living? How can you live on one income, afford a house, go on vacations, drive a late model car? The worst are the ones with vacation property on top of it all. “Oh, I just spent the day prepping crafts and activities for the kids to do at the lake this weekend, then I painted the bathroom and planted my shade garden.” Seriously, I know this person!

I want to be that Mom. The one that drives for all the field trips, hands out the food on Hot Lunch Day, helps the teacher in the classroom. I want to pick the kids up from school and spend the afternoon at the park, go get a slurpee. Then I want to saunter home and make a good wholesome dinner. While that’s cooking we’ll work on the kids’ homework, maybe read a story. Everyone’s bed will be made and the laundry will be folded AND put away.

It may sound very June Cleaver to you, but it sounds like paradise to me…


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on June 25, 2006 at 7:00 pm

    Well … DH is a PhD engineer. He is well paid.

    But …

    1. We’re frugal. My vehicle is a 1989 that we bought new. It doesn’t look pretty, but it covers my driving needs. We mostly eat out only for celebrations and when we make our monthly trips to the big city. DH gets to wear ‘casual Friday’ clothes to work, so he buys Lands’ End clothes that last for years. I buy a lot of things for me and the kids at garage sales and thrift stores.

    2. Our first child arrived when I was 38. Gave us a lot of time to get established before the expenses and hectic life of a family. BTW, I was still in the workforce for 2 years after First Kid came along.

    3. For a number of years, we lived in an area of the midwest which had a low cost of living.

    4. We use the library for books and videos, scout trips for entertainment. In the past 3 years, we’ve been to only five first-run movies. When we lived near $1 theaters, though, we went often.

    5. If you’re really, really serious about becoming a SAHM, practice now. Check out the Dollar Stretcher and Frugal Families and Frugal Village. You’ll learn a lot.

  2. Oh. And another thing … it really isn’t paradise. But it’s good. And we SAHM’s have laundry build-up too.

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