This is why I get out of bed in the morning…

My oldest daughter, Zeenee*, is 13 ½. Born when my husband and I were just 19 ourselves, she has taught us everything we needed to know about parenting. Like a lot of first babies, she spoiled us by being a wonderful sleeper with an easygoing spirit. Now a teenager, she is one of the best. She helps a lot with laundry and housework, is good with her brother and sister and is an “A” student. She’s also a sports nut and keeps us busy ferrying her to soccer and field hockey practices.

Anabella* is 9 on Monday. A self-professed tomboy, she also plays soccer and field hockey and rough-houses with the boys at school. Dirt is her best friend (she’s usually covered in it) and she doesn’t believe in combing her hair. When I say Zeenee spoiled us as a baby, Anabella woke us up to reality! A fussy baby and a monkey of a toddler, I fear she will turn me gray by the time she’s a teenager. Really though, she’s a mush and can’t go to bed at night without a hundred hugs.

And Budgie* makes three. Budgie is our 7 year old son. The “evil genius”. His teacher recently told us that he’ll probably be labeled as gifted next year in grade two when they do the testing. She did warn us, however, that if we didn’t channel his energies the right way, we may be in for trouble! Like we didn’t know that. Budgie has always been a light sleeper and just this month started sleeping in until 7:00. It’s nice not to wake up at 5:00 a.m. with a face peering at you from the side of the bed. “Hi Mom, whatcha doin?”

So these are the three reasons I exist. Perfect children? I think so.


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