Desperate to be dry again…

Back from our first family camping trip ever. Managed to answer our own question: “Just how much stuff can a minivan hold anyways?”. Turns out that if you burn every bit of wood and paper you brought and stuff the garbage bag of recyclable cans under Mom’s feet, you can JUST get all the family members and their stuff home again. Whew!

We got soaked, but apparently that’s par for the course in BC. The park ranger informed us that 21 of the last 24 May Long Weekends have been wet. Thank goodness for all the tarping skills Girl Guides has taught our oldest daughter or we might still be cowering under that tree!

There is now a lot of camping equipment strewn about our backyard attempting to dry out. Of course going back to work for the week brings out the sun!

Anabella is competing in the school district’s track meet this Thursday. I’m considering how I’ll be able to watch her race. My options include:

1. Asking for a day off. Which means listening to excuse after excuse from my boss about how busy we are and how many days I’ve already used this year from the extensive vacation benefits he gifts me with (I get two lousy weeks a year).

2. Phoning in sick. This entails dragging out the “Encyclopedia of Home Health” to find a disease that I haven’t taken advantage of yet. I’m considering meningitis or rabies.

3. Quitting my job. Popular with the Desperate Housewife, bad for the budget.

Your ideas are welcome…..

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