Desperate 2 B Housewife vs. HTML

So, had a huge argument with my template last week….lost that fight. I tried to install something on my HTML template and I must have erased one little > or # or * (who knows?) and poof, my whole blog was erased.

I panicked! I screamed! I hit the monitor with my ruler! Then I calmly wrote a letter to the help desk asking them to help me restore my blog. Sadly they probably get a million requests a day for help….so no luck. Then my husband (bless him, he’s brilliant!) suggested I just change the selection of the template….ALAKAZAM!!! I’m blogging again!

Good news! I have figured out a way that I can slowly work towards being at home more with my kids. A few weeks ago I stumbled on the art of Affiliate Marketing . In a nut shell, it works like this. An Affiliate Marketer finds a topic they’re interested in, builds a content rich website about the topic and links to web stores and sites with a common theme. When someone clicks through the AF’s site and purchases from the linked store, the affiliate gets a commission. I’m so excited because I have an awesome topic in mind and I can’t find anything like it in the search engines.

I now have to decide whether to go with Site Build It or James Martell as my primary source of information. They’re both really good guides in their own way.

Either way, this is my escape hatch…..a way out of the 9 to 5 grind, even if it does take me a couple of years to get there….

Desperate 2 B Housewife will succeed!!!

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