Sunday Feature: Recommended Reading

Starting today, I’m going to reserve Sundays for recommending sites I enjoy.

The Cyber Soap Box is a Bulletin Board site I have been going to almost since its birth five years ago. Its creator Garaelb is an awesome guy who wanted to start a board dedicated to free speech. There is NEVER any banning of posters and posts are not censored or edited in any way. At the Cyber Soap Box you’ll find many posters from all over the world (even two people, Stroppygob from England and the Hen from Australia, who met on a BB and eventually married!) and topics about everything.

Here is the BB’s site profile:

“The CSB is dedicated to the free exchange of information and ideas. This site holds to the philosophy that free speech and thought are natural rights of all people. To that end we offer you (the Reader) this site as a place to express those rights.”

Though I hardly ever post there anymore, I still read there almost every day (if I do post it’s under the name “deepsix”).

Give it a read or even try posting there yourself…..they’re very welcoming.

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