Budgie threw a fit this morning. “You work all the time. You never come to my field trips or visit my classroom. Now you won’t even take me to the family dance!” (my heart broke – I didn’t need THAT 5 minutes before I was leaving the house) Guess I’ll have to find a way to fit the family dance in on Friday night, along with taking Anabella to field hockey practice and keeping up with the deal I made with Zeenee to walk/run every night (she runs, I walk…..our old dog hobbles beside us). I should go to the dance anyways, do the chicken dance and the Macarena with Budgie….I could use the exercise!

My husband, Ryk, has been on the afternoon shift this week and god have I ever missed him (I have great respect for single parents). I haven’t managed to get the kids showered, snacked, brushed and in bed on-time once this week…..guess I’ve realized that he’s the authority on bedtimes. He hasn’t worked this shift since we moved from North Vancouver in 2000… was really hard then, having a baby and a toddler. He used to work 4:00 pm to 2:30 am, get up with the kids at 7:30 the next day (I was working days) and take Zeenee to school. We never even saw each other until Fridays and then he was so tired and grumpy that it wasn’t even worth talking to him until Saturday afternoon. He must have forgotten how taxing it was on him too, because he’s tried to cram too much into his days this week when he should have been sleeping. He thought he could fit in taking stuff to the dump, buying more wood for the fence, competing in a poker tournament….who needs sleep anyways? He’s gonna be a bear this Friday. Big saying in our house: “Don’t poke the bear!”

Was reading at Blog Explosion today (who me on the internet at work?) and came across a blog that I’ve read a few times…..this chick is a great read, especially if you’re totally frustrated with life and work (as I constantly am)…..I’m adding her to my sidebar…warning, bad language (just in case my mom’s reading or something).

Time until I’m back with my family: 3 hours, 12 minutes


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  1. You need a little cheering up, as it can be frustrating to manage everything. Hope things work out for you!

    At the very least, you can vent your frustrations out in this blog.

  2. Oh, that is the worst guilt–the “you never come to school” guilt. I hate that. I missed a big event at school this week, and am about to miss another. Sigh.

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