Cough, cough, snort, snort

I guess this isn’t my typical cold….I’ve been coughing and snuffing since Thursday and it actually feels like someone is sitting on my chest.

I stayed home sick with Budgie yesterday. He’s got this cold too….we dragged our quilts into the living room and napped and vegged all day. It’s the most time I’ve gotten to spend with him all at once for a loooooong time….it was actually a nice way to spend the day, even if we were sick.

He almost gave me a heart attack on Friday night. We’d gone to the park to take Anabella to field hockey practice and he’d brought his scooter. Think 7 year old on scooter, big hill, high speeds….and you know how this ends. I could see him faltering about halfway down….he went down like a rag doll with his shoes flying off in two different directions….I had to run 500m in flip flops (fat girl running in flip flops, not a nice picture!). Thankfully the worst he suffered was a skinned knee and elbow, but I was thinking much worse cause I saw his head hit the ground (I thought his glasses would be totalled!)

At least the first aid kit I put in the van 2 years ago paid for itself…

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