If you go out in the woods today…

…you’re sure to get wet! (here in the Lower Mainland anyways). Not sure, but I think summer is going to give us a miss here this year.

Anabella and I are going to Girl Guide Camp tonight. I’ve been a Leader for 5 years now, 3 as a Guide Leader with Zeenee and 2 as a Brownie Leader with bella. I really love it…most of it anyways. Because I joined just after we moved to a new town, it was a great way to meet people and I have a lot of really good friends as a result. A couple of years ago three of us got ahold of some walkie-talkies while driving to camp and nicknamed ourselves Guider Bob, Guider Jim and Guider Dave (I’m Dave)….”Come in Guider Bob, Guider Bob, ten-four good buddy….” We sure could have used those walkie-talkies last year when I followed Bob over the U.S. border whilst heading for a camp in Canada! We had to line up and go through customs to get back into our own country…..those border guards have NO sense of humour either. Yeah, people actually entrust their daughters to us….*scary*

Anyways, at least we’re sleeping in a lodge and not in the tents. That’s one of the benefits of Brownies…we stay dry.

One thing that does drive me nuts though are some of the parents. I swear some of them only send their daughters to camp for the cheap babysitting…30 bucks isn’t a bad deal for two nights and three squares a day. I actually had one parent call me last night and ask if it was too late to sign her daughter up for this weekend. Hmm, let’s see. I gave you the notices 4 weeks ago and asked for them back by June 2nd, now that we’ve bought the food and all the craft items you want to add another body?…don’t think so. Some kids these days aren’t doing a very good job of raising their parents!

Time until I’m back with my family: 1 hour, 54 minutes (but only until after dinner, then it’s off to camp!)

Laundry List: I’m hoping Zeenee will do it while I’m away…fingers crossed!

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