Brownies are demon spawn…

…especially at 2:30 in the morning, when they’re running down the halls giggling and screaming “shhhhhhhh!!!!!” and you’re on a plastic mattress that crunches every time you breathe, you’ve been up 43 times to “nicely” suggest to them that they should get their little butts back in their sleeping bags, that no, Lisa does not like it when you shine your flashlight directly into her corneas and that’s probably why she threw said flashlight from the top bunk, and no I don’t feel sorry that you have to go home and tell mom and dad that the forty dollar flashlight they bought you especially for this camp is smashed into a zillion pieces!!

So I’m here at the office this lovely Monday morning guzzling coffee and occasionally tapping keys behind my cubicle screen in the effort to appear busy and productive.

I just sent an email to my boss asking for this Thursday morning and next Monday off. Zeenee is graduating from middle school on Thursday (grade 8)….she’s basically just going to walk across the school gym and receive a certificate, but we had to buy her a dress and shoes for the occasion…my husband calls it “a celebration of mediocrity”, but it still blows my mind that she’s going to high school in September….how the hell did that happen? I can still remember, in vivid detail, her first day of Kindergarten!

Monday is Budgie’s class picnic and I want to attend that…problem being that I start my holidays on Friday the 1st…we’ll see how the “FOF”* reacts.

*FOF – “Flamer Office Fairy” – my anal retentive boss who is so obviously gay, but people around here still wonder out loud why he’s never been married. Hello! He’s fifty, he delights in buying flowers and teddy bears, loves to shop for the office décor, lives in the West End and goes down to his house in Mexico every second month to attend to “family business”…he throws girly teenager hissy fits regularly, without warning, and you never know if you’re going to be the next target.

Disclaimer: I’m a Liberal Canadian…pro-Gay Marriage, pro-Equal Rights…if two people want to get married, share benefits, I’m all for it (…but this guy is a total nut job eh?)

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