Gummies and Babies, but not Gummy Babies

I’m very addicted to gummies…worms, bananas, fried eggs, sweedish fish…I’ll eat em all. I have one of those cups of gummies in my desk (made a mad dash to 7-Eleven at lunch today) and I keep opening the drawer, taking a gummy, closing the drawer, eating a gummy, opening the drawer, taking a gummy…etc. It’s sad really that they’re neither sugar free nor good for me…sad…cause I’m addicted.

I got an email from my CHSIL (Chic Hip Sister-in-Law) today. She is the mother of my favourite niece “O” who is four months old (she’s my favourite not only by default of being the only one, but because she’s so bee-U-T-ful she’d be my favourite anyways! The only drawback is I have never met her…they live far away in T.O.). Anyways, this is the excerpt that I thought was funny: “I am just going to the video store cause I dropped off O’s videos instead of the rentals. Everyday I realize some small disaster that is the result of sleep deprivation.”

I laugh a lot at the expense of my siblings with babies and toddlers…there are some things I will NEVER miss about my kids being that age…ie, the sleepless nights, diapers, feedings, tantrums, potty training, etc. But, but, BUT…there are some things that I would have last forever:

The smell of a baby’s/child’s head: I have always taken delight in burying my nose in my kids hair and inhaling deeply (they don’t let me do it much anymore). I swear this is one of those connections with the great animal kingdom we humans have…being able to detect our own child merely by their smell.

The total devotion of a small child to his/her parents: Budgie used to hug me every other minute of the day. When I told him once that he would eventually stop wanting to hug and kiss me all the time, he said “No I won’t Mom, I’m going to marry you when I grow up.” Now that he’s seven he’s either going to marry Sydney or “one of the other extra girls I love at school” (his words). Zeenee banned me from kissing her goodbye in grade one and in grade six she hissed at me “don’t ever wave at me again, it’s so embarrassing!” (she has since retracted the last statement…she was all hopped up on hormones in grade six).

The firsts: smiling, gurgling, walking, talking, etc.

That’s about it. I’m quite happy with my sleep all night, work all day, get your own cereal and let mommy and daddy sleep in on Sundays life as it is now.

Except for the work (out of the home) all day part…but I’m working to fix that…

Damn, I’ve probably eaten 15 gummies while writing this post…sad…I love them.

Time until I’m back with my family: 1 hour, 4 minutes, 5 more gummies

Laundry list: maybe one load…oh and those damned pants I’ve been meaning to iron

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