Zeenee the Graduate

Zeenee graduated from grade 8 today!! Next stop high school. She looked so pretty in her summer dress and shoes…admonishing her dad for taking so many pictures. On top of the fact that she graduated with honours, she also pulled off 100% on her Social Studies final…we are two proud puffed up parental units!

When I got back to work my other boss “Whine” (we’ll call him that cause that’s what he does a lot) started giving me the third degree about “this so called graduation”. His kids go to school in a different district than mine and they don’t have middle school, so I guess he doesn’t believe that that’s where I was this morning. Too bad Whine…just because YOU treat your business better than YOUR OWN FAMILY, doesn’t mean I’m gonna feel guilty about taking an unpaid morning off to attend something for MY kids. I don’t give a flying fart more for this job or this business than collecting my weekly paycheque and going home to my family every weekend. If I could find a way out of here I would do it and you wouldn’t get anymore notice than me collecting the pictures around my desk and a “Trudeau Salute” goodbye. So, suck it up Sunshine!!!

Wait until he finds out that FOF gave me Monday off AND that I’m starting my holidays on Friday the 1st of July…should be interesting around here.

Time until I’m back with my family: 57 minutes

Laundry list: I ironed the pants and I’m wearing them! But…they will need washing again this weekend, so I won’t be wearing them for another six weeks.


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  1. Congratulations to your daughter and to you. As I recall, 8th grade was the hardest year of my life (and the hardest year of relating to my mom), so good for you getting through it together.

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