Guitar Guy My Future Son-in-Law

So when we were at Zeenee’s graduation ceremony this happened…

Zeenee’s friend Maddy was singing a beautiful song she wrote accompanied by two guys, one also singing and the other one playing the guitar. As I focussed on the guitar player I realized that he was the kind of guy I would have fallen for at the age of 13…cute in a soft kind of way. I never fell for the guys who were gorgeous or knew they were good looking…I used to call it “bunny rabbit cute”. In fact, it was the same kind of cute I fell for in Mr. D2bH when we were 16…

Anyways, when I mentioned it to Zeenee that night after the ceremony she said Guitar Guy was the guy she’d told me months ago she had a crush on…I had a feeling he was when I first saw him and I didn’t even hear his name. Isn’t that funny? My daughter has the same taste in men that I have. Well now I have taken to calling him “Guitar Guy My Future Son-in-Law”, much to Zeenee’s chagrin. Hey, I have to have some fun in life and torturing my 13 year old daughter IS just a little bit amusing! Since school ended we’ve hardly seen her…she’s spent every night this weekend sleeping over at other people’s houses, swimming, shopping…sigh, she’s falling out of love with me (okay, I’m pathetic!).

Anabella had a field hockey tournament yesterday and her team placed first in their division…yaa Daredevils!!! There was a lot of cloud cover yesterday, so we were all burned to a bright shade of crimson before we even realized we should maybe have slathered on some sunscreen. It seems we do it once a year and then we remember why we spend 15 bucks on a bottle of goo every two weeks…nothing like SPF45 to keep that translucent skin a whiter shade of snowflake!

So, it’s Sunday and I have to tell you about a blogger I’ve been following. Her blog is Purple Goddess In Frog Pyjamas. I’m not a religious person, so I don’t pray, but I’ve been keeping her in the back of my mind since I found her blog and I must say I’m rooting for her. Go over and give her blog a read…you’ll be glad you did.

Time left until I have to leave my family: 34 hours (I have tomorrow off!!!)

Laundry list: Don’t ask…is it normal to go through a whole bulk box of Tide in one day?


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