Watch out for black helicopters circling overhead…

I’m really depressed about this blogging thing since “someone” told me I shouldn’t tell people when/if/where/how we’re going on holidays, shouldn’t post pictures of the kids, shouldn’t specify what time of the day we’re all sleeping, etc. So, to my loyal readers (all three of you), please restrain yourselves from stealing my identity, my fabulous credit rating, my Ikea art collection and the rotting leftovers in my fridge.

Here is a new updated picture of my family, sans Zeenee who was probably sleeping over at a friends house when it was taken.

Oh and my holidays were maybe great or maybe not…I can’t specify.

Time until I’m back with my family: No comment.

Laundry list: Lots…you have my permission to steal this.


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  1. Well you might as well just hide in your house, keep the doors locked, and never let anyone see you, they may take a picture and steal your identity if you step out your front door. Everyone is so paranoid these days, it’s crazy. As long as your not posting your ss#, credit card #, street address, etc. you should be fine.

  2. This is exactly what I said to “He who can no longer be named”. It made me want to just delete the entire blog and move on to something fictional…what’s the point in writing about yourself if you can’t be honest?

    Plus with 3 loyal readers (who are all family by the way), who the hell is going to care to steal my boring life?

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