Friday Stuff

Ze Bills!!! Ze Bills!!! I feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame! Leave your job for 2 weeks and come back to 48 stacks of 5 million pieces of paper! I do accounts payable, so I have been costing, entering, discounting and printing for three days straight….and there’s no end in sight!!

At least it’s not me that owes Home Depot $2500 or Bell Mobility $5000/month…I would need a CEO position to pay for it (or my own construction company)! I’ve always thought that if I had the money from just one month’s worth of bills from this place, I could retire happily…mmm retire…

“He Who Can No Longer Be Named” bought a new lawnmower last night. Ours crapped out just before our holidays and I urged him to go get one last night and mow before we became the scourge of the neighbourhood (have you ever seen the rate of grass growth where we live? Which I can’t tell you where that is!). “He’s” the type of shopper who has to check five hundred places for price, check the internet for details, think about it for 7 years and then buy something. Sometimes we’ll go out to buy something and come home empty handed because “He” just couldn’t bring himself to spend the money quite yet. I swear he wastes more money in gas to and from Canadian Tire than he saves on sales!

“He Who Can No Longer Be Named” and I have had three days off without the kids. They’re staying in another city (can’t tell you where, but all three of my loyal readers know) with their Granny and Poppa. It’s been kind of neat. We’ve eaten supper late, left the dishes a couple of times, surfed the net, watched silly reality TV shows. But last night I ran around like a headless chicken cleaning and laundering and gardening…I felt normal again…normal but childless. Tonight is our last night of freedom, so we’re going to catch a movie with my brother and his wife…”The Longest Yard”…probably not a wise choice, but who watches only Academy Award quality movies?

Time until I’m back with my family: 7 hours until back with “He”…1 day and 7 hours to kids

Laundry List: I only had two loads last night. I haven’t had that little amount of laundry in 13 years! I have time to wash curtains! (but I won’t)

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