Mind Clutter

* My bladder must be smaller than a peanut…either that or I go to the bathroom so much at work because I’m bored.

* One of my bosses has been glaring at me since I got back from holidays and doesn’t strike up conversations like he used to…is he upset with me or mentally ill?

* My “New Improved I’m-giving-up-all-sugar-for-life” diet isn’t going well. Unfortunately there is sugar in coffee, coke, chocolate, honey-orange glazed hazelnuts, Jelly Bellys, mini Toblerone bars and those donuts the copier guy brought as an apology for supplying us with a crappy machine.

* My fingers type thin air constantly as someone talks to me, yet I only test at 70wpm…you’d think all the practice would pay off better.

* My brother is coming to stay with us tomorrow and I have to go home and sandblast the house to get it clean…all in one night…plus tidy the kids rooms…plus take the tiles off the walls in the bathroom to take to the dump on Saturday…plus water the lifeless green aparitions I call plants…I might try to sleep at some point also.

* Speaking of the dump, we’re renting a truck this weekend to get rid of the clutter in the backyard that is making our house look like it should have wheels and a hitch.

* My arms hurt from cutting down 3 bushes in our backyard last night with 200lb pruning shears. Maybe this is how Arnie feels after a good workout…kind of like Arnie, but with a gut and a large bum.

* Going to the river and dipping your toes in for a half hour after pruning your garden is sooooooo theraputic…especially watching your girls laugh at their little brother who wades in up to his neck…no fear that boy.

* I wonder if the girl next to me ever suspects that I’m not doing my work a lot of the time…accounting doesn’t involve this much typing…Doesn’t matter, I can get everything done in half the time I spend here…just don’t tell anyone or they’ll give me more mindless work or *gasp* filing!

Time until I’m back with my family: 3 hours

Laundry List: Zeenee is doing a great job of keeping up whilst on summer vacation!

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