Eye’ve Got Something to Report…

Budgie had his three month eye specialist appointment today at Childrens. “He” got the day off to take him and I had to work. Don’t even get me started on that one…mothers should be able to be there for ALL appointments! I didn’t even dare ask after taking a week and a half off for holidays recently. All the kicking and screaming and crying and whining I’d have to hear from the FOF was just not worth it…I’ll go with Budgie in Sept/Oct to the next appt.

Budgie has Amblyopia, more commonly known as lazy eye. It was discovered when he was in Kindergarten by the school district’s testers. We had never noticed that he had any problems with seeing. I guess all of his life up to then he’d just used his good right eye for seeing…the bad eye never wandered or looked different and I guess his brain just compensated. Funny, when the testing lady gave me the letter after class that day she said, “He’s either seeing nothing out of that left eye or he’s screwing with us.” My response? “He’s screwing with you!” He’s always been a little bit of a monster (little? Okay, bigger than little) and I figured he was just having a game with them. Good job we got it checked out for real…the little guy was nearly legally blind in that eye! (enter coke bottle glasses, but only on one eye…the other is clear)

After patching for over a year (but only seriously for the last 6 months – another kicking, screaming, bullying, cajoling, bribing ordeal in itself) his eye went from over 200 down to 80…so at his last appointment his eyes were 25/80, a huge improvement! This time they only saw a small improvement over last time, but at least we haven’t gone backwards at any point.

He called me at work after the appointment to give me the news:

Hi Mommy!
Hi Buddy, how was it?
Did your eye get better?
Yep, but only a little bit.
Did they put you on those machines and measure your eye?
What? Measure my eyes?
Yeah, did they?
Mommy, you already know how big my eyes are. You don’t have to measure silly!
Okay then. Can I talk to Daddy now?
No sorry. Daddy is not available at this time. **click** (he hung up on me!)

Do you see why I thought this kid was screwing with those eye testers? He is freaking evil!

Time until I’m back with my family: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Laundry List: Done, done and done!


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  1. Hello!! I found you through BumblebeeSweetPotato..!! I enjoyed reading about your family and your job!! Nice to “meet” you!

  2. He may be evil, BUT he is the cutest boy we know.

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