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I was tagged by landismom at Bumblebee Sweet Potato to name 5 things I miss from my childhood.

1. Skateboarding. My best friend Lou-Lou and I were the “Skate Champions of Abbeydale Drive”. Her block had the best sidewalk for skateboarding. It was a continuous tar sidewalk instead of a concrete one with the cracks in it, like the one in front of my house. Her and I pilferred our younger brothers skateboards, taught ourselves to ride and eventually learned to jump rocks (okay, pebbles) without falling to our demise, sans helmets and padding.

2. Our swingset. I used to swing for hours in our backyard talking to my invisible friend, Cindy from the Brady Bunch (this crazy lady was 7 okay!). I told her all of my hopes and dreams…none of which included working for a living (hmmm). My brothers and I had many other uses for this swingset, including draping sheets over it to make a tent and placing our plastic pool underneath and running the hose down the slide to make a waterslide. We always wanted a Slip’n Slide, but our parents never relented…we made our own fun anyways.

3. Skiing. I was fortunate enough to learn to snow ski when I was about 12. Our whole family eventually took up the sport and we used to go out almost every weekend in the winter time. Sunshine, Lake Louise, Fernie, Kimberley, Big Mountain…we skiied them all. To this day I can’t figure out how my parents ever afforded it…to buy equipment for three kids and themselves, pay for lift tickets for five AND take us for a ski holiday almost every Christmas…we were lucky kids! Skiing is something we’d love our get my kids into, but with lift tickets costing around $80/day, not to mention equipment and transportation this sport has been left to the wealthy elite.

4. Time for reading. When we were kids there was time for just about anything and I filled a lot of my days with reading. Nancy Drew, Judy Blume, S.E. Hinton…I would pick up ANYTHING and read it. I remember the first time I picked up a copy of the Readers’ Digest while camping at the age of eight. I’ve read every issue ever since and still devour each one in about two hours the very day it comes in the mail. I still get easily lost in a book (my husband says he could have an affair right in front of me while I’m reading!), but I have to carefully schedule in reading time around the kids now. The good thing is, as they become older I can make them all do quiet reading and join in!

5. Freedom. Especially on summer days and weekends, Lou-Lou and I would set off bikeriding about 9am and my parents wouldn’t see me again until dinnertime. We would visit other friends, catch lunch at someone else’s house, go riding way out by the train tracks…and nobody worried. Certainly, this is something that my kids DO NOT get to do. We are now in the age of scheduled activities and play dates. I’m sure this is why they have 5 million dollars worth of toys, don’t play with any of them and have the imaginations of cucumbers.

So that’s my list. I’m supposed to tag others to do the same, but seeing as I don’t know many other bloggers enough to ask such a thing I’ll tag my CHSIL (chic hip sista-in-law)yuppies procreate and let the rest of you readers (all two of you) decide if you’d like to do it…let me know if you do!


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  1. Great answers! I always wanted to learn to skateboard, but I was never any good at it. And I totally agree about the Freedom.

  2. Go ahead! Tag me with some questions!!

    You dont need to know people to tag them, usually from their profile you can figure out some stuff to ask!! I have been playing this on my blog for a while now, and it is loads of fun!


    NJ from NJ

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