“He” called me at work today to ask me what I wanted to do tomorrow night for our 14th anniversary. Why do I always have to come up with the ideas? I’ve only been hinting that I’d really love to eat at Montanas again soon…or gee, there’s a few movies we’d both enjoy! Meet me halfway here honey and suggest SOMETHING!

I’ve already made suggestions for the big 15 next year…The BIG 15 should include the following:

I want a surprise diamond ring. Preferably a Canadian mined diamond (complete with polar bear stamp) set in white gold.

I should be presented with the surprise diamond ring at a surprise dinner at an expensive restaurant. Preferably Diva at the Met.

Whilst being presented with my surprise diamond ring at my surprise dinner there will be a surprise violin player, with a solo in my honour. Surprise me with the song.

Before being whisked away to my surprise dinner with the surprise violin player where I will be presented with my surprise diamond ring, I will come home to a surprise black-classy-evening-gown wrapped beautifully on my bed with a surprise note telling me to “Get dressed for a wonderful evening.”

The “whisking” of me will take place in a surprise limousine rented to take me to my surprise dinner with the surprise violin player where I will be presented with my surprise diamond ring whilst wearing my surprise black-classy-evening-gown.

So…I’ve already planned next year…why shouldn’t I expect that he plan something for this year?

Time until I’m back with my family: 1 hour, 25 minutes (Zeenee is making me run again tonight. Heart. Attack!)

Laundry list: 2 whites, 2 colours…much folding!


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  1. Jeez, I’m just jealous that you can wait until the night before your anniversary to make a plan. Does that mean that I have a future without babysitters?

  2. Do I have a future WITH babysitters? I can’t even find one of those and/or get up the courage to use one?

  3. The “future without babysitters” happens when your oldest takes the babysitters course and is no longer afraid to stay home alone with her/his siblings! This started happening at our house about 2 years ago…just short trips at first (an hour) and on to longer ones as she got older. Before that it was Grandma or nobody…I didn’t trust a teenager until mine turned into one!

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