14 Reasons to Run Around With Flowers

1. Because the receptionist comes to your desk with a shocked look and says, “There’s a delivery guy here with flowers for you.”

2. Because you NEVER get flowers. Okay, you do sometimes…lots even…but none today…until right now!

3. Because they are Bee-U-T-ful!

4. Because white daisies and pink miniature roses like to be shown off.

5. Because the man you’ve been married to for fourteen years most obviously still loves you…or at least thinks about you…or at least remembered it was your anniversary (after much prodding…ahem!)…or is at least looking to get lucky…

6. Because you haven’t told absolutely everybody in the office that you’ve been married for fourteen years…

7. Because they don’t mind oohing and awing over the flowers while you run from office to office interrupting phone calls, delaying estimates and knocking down clients…

8. Because they’re in a glass vase with a raffia bow.

9. Because you thought all you were getting was an ice-cream from DQ later tonight.

10. Because instead of ice-cream, you got flowers…daisies and miniature roses…in a glass vase with a raffia bow.

11. Because you’re happy you married that guy fourteen years ago.

12. Because you know…

13. Because you’re sure…

14. Because he’s yours…



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  1. Aww what a nice hubby! Congrats!! I love to get flowers and show them off at work! Unfortunately it doesnt happen as often as I think it should! 🙂

    Ps. congrats on the win in the botb with me!

    take care

  2. Let me guess did you get flowers?? I love getting flowers, happy anniversery. And thanks for visiting my page I will sure be back to yours.

  3. sweet!

  4. Thanks for voting for me in BOTB, and congrats on the flowers, they sound beautiful!

  5. geez.. and here i am, buying myself flowers!

    (okay… so i pick them off of unsuspecting people’s lawns… but nevertheless…)

    good for you! 🙂

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