A Post For Granny

Because I know that Granny reads every day, I thought that I should update her and the blog on three of her favourite beings…updates on the fourth being can be found here.

Zeenee is making me run! She’s done it twice AND made me commit to every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night…for the rest of my life or until activities start again in September and we have no time…whichever comes first (my life could easily end by August with all this running!) We run in a large square, going left out the front door, to the end of the block and around. So far, my severely out of shape body hasn’t made it to the end of the block running and my legs hurt so much from stopping to walk, that I have to run again to make them feel better…ouch! Our second run last night was a little better as I ran more than I walked, but holy cow will I feel better when I don’t have so much fat chick to push around the block. Zeenee, being the athlete that she is, runs the whole way and waits patiently on the front steps calmly drinking her water as I huff and puff and whine down the last stretch a full 10 minutes after her. She is truly going to ROCK when she goes to high school in September…I think she should consider track!

Anabella came to me this morning and insisted she should be able to take her stud/sleeper earrings out of her newly pierced ears so she can wear the regular ones she bought at the Stampede. You know how stubborn she is…she fought with me for about five minutes insisting that she had them pierced June 3rd and it was now six weeks later and time to take them out. I had a hard time convincing her that it was actually July 3rd and she’d only had them in three weeks! I told her, “Remember it was after you started summer vacation. We were in Claires getting them pierced and Granny was hiding at the back of the store with Zeenee because she hates the sight of blood and pain…and I was at the front of the store with you, holding your hand and trying not to faint at the sight of them poking a giant needle through my baby girl!” So she finally resigned to the fact that she’ll have to wait until school starts to wear regular earrings…and I get to wait another 3-4 weeks before I have to help her take those things out of her ears for the first time…I had mine pierced at 7 and I still remember how much it hurt to change them the first time. Not. Nice.

Budgie is just loving our swims in the river! The river by our house is, I swear, warmer than most lakes (not a good sign for global warming I’m sure), so we’ve been taking advantage and heading out for an end-of-day cooling off most nights these last few weeks. While the rest of us mincingly tiptoe in, Budgie rips off his shirt and goes barreling in like a dog chasing a stick! I think maybe that swimming could be his thing…we’ve spent so much time trying to find a sport for him that he likes. Soccer is a no. Football is a no. Hockey is a no. Maybe he could do competitive swimming. Maybe I could just suck it up and be one of those mothers freezing on the bleachers at the outdoor pool at 5:30 in the weekday mornings from May to September…maybe, but it would hurt!

So there’s your update Granny…call me with any questions, concerns, edits and ommissions. Love you!

Time until I’m back with my family: 6 hours. 8 minutes. A REALLY long time!

Laundry list: So so very much!

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