Okay, I have REALLY got to do something useful in the near future when I’m here….like WORK.

But, while I’m in the process of not working, I’ve been on Snopes.com this morning reading and, as usual, laughing my butt off! (yes, I wish it really would melt off from laughing, but no positive results so far). If you’re not aware of Snopes, it’s a site dedicated to discounting urban legends passed around by e-mail…you know the ones “please pass this on to everyone you know. If you just save one person from sticking a straw up their nose, it’ll all be worth it!”

I got an e-mail this morning about Mars coming as close to the earth as it will in the next 200 or so years and I wanted to see if I should book August 27th on my calendar to watch something interesting. So I went on Snopes to confirm it and it turns out this actually happened on August 27, 2003 and I missed it…maybe next time…

So, then I get to reading some of the pages and I come to one called “Unanswerables”. These are e-mails that random people send in with questions to be answered by the guys at snopes…HILARIOUS page! It’s here: Unanswerables

This one was the best:

I’ve heard that it is impossible to take a lightbulb out of your mouth once one puts it in, without either breaking the bulb or dislocating the jaw.

Do you know if this is true? I’m counting on you – my husband is really curious, and I don’t want to have to drive him to the hospital…

This is something my brother Gobbles would do…sadly. I can just see my sister-in-law on the phone…

Time until I’m back with my family: 6 hours, 30 minutes to a Long Weekend!!!

Laundry list: we folded and folded during “Without a Trace” last night

Running Schedule: not good. I went last night, but only walked…this butt will never melt.


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  1. i’ll have to check out the site pretty funny!

  2. Just wanted to say HI!! 😀 My Mum is visiting from the UK and I don’t get time to get online much!! I miss reading everyone’s blogs!! : }

    I’ll be back again soon! 😀

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