Thank you for calling Onstar!

Cue Announcer’s Voice: Here at Onstar, we’re committed to your personal safety, even if we think you’re a complete idiot. Listen to a replay of an actual call we took recently:

Onstar: Thank you for calling Onstar, how may I assist you?

Caller: I’m having trouble using the Onstar in-car phone system.

Onstar: Okay m’aam, can I just confirm a few things. This is Mrs. D2bH that I’m speaking with?

Caller: Yes, that’s right.

Onstar: Okay, I have you located at Clipper Street…blah, blah, blah, blah…Montana?

Caller: No. I’m not in Montana. I’m in Coquitlam. In Canada?

Onstar: Yes m’aam, I have you located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

Caller: But you just said I was in Montana!

Onstar: M’aam, are you currently driving a 2005 Ponitac Montana?

Caller: Oh. Yes. Yes, I am.



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  1. That’s funny. It scares me that they know exactly where you are though.

  2. lord….

    sounds like he had the grace to NOT laugh at least…

  3. CUTE!! I would totally do that.

  4. …oops!

    heh. 🙂

  5. That’s hilarious

  6. lol… that’s cute

  7. btw ~ just wanted to let you know i blogrolled ya on my site.

  8. Thats friggen hilarous! I would love to take those calls lol.

  9. D2BH thanks for my giggle of the day!

    Having worked in customer service, that’s no big deal 😉

    My personal favorite (since you’re Canadian, you’ll get the joke) was when I worked at Fido, I asked a woman who was having problems with her cellphone, “what kind of phone is it?” to be able to walk her thru her menus and such… she responded “it’s a Fido” I said, “yes, but who MAKES it?” her answer: ROGERS. (It was a Nokia)

    Don’t worry, your boo boo won’t go further than a few people in the call centre 😉

    Tara 🙂

  10. we do stuff with phones where I work, and we used to get the “rogers” thing all the time…people would be QUITE insistant about it too…–>

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