Well, it’s 9:00 on a Sunday evening and I’m left, as usual, feeling like I haven’t done enough this weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very productive this weekend…it’s not everyday I pull my washing machine and dryer out and clean underneath. If it were done everyday, I doubt I’d find so much dirt and mysterious scary things underneath! Big news…I have discovered where those odd socks go and it’s not into a big black hole. Trust me on this, they are covered in dust underneath your dryer…waiting for you to discover them…and decide that you’ve already parted with their partner long ago…and throw them in the trash anyways.

Anyways, I cleaned the laundry room out yesterday and then made big plans to tackle Anabella’s room today. If that mysterious black hole does exist, all the things have flown through it and landed in her room…I’d post a picture, but it would bring great shame to my domestic engineer reputation…horrible, great shame. I’d offer her room up for the Clean Sweep show, but I’m afraid they’d take one look and run screaming…it would make for interesting TV anyways.

We ended up doing nothing today, after such illustrious plans like mowing the lawn and weeding the rock garden, but shopping for groceries and going to Ikea for lunch and browsing. Six hot dogs and three drinks (we share) for $5.62! We saw Zeenee’s soccer coach there with his kids and asked him if he was there for the same reason…”where else can you feed three kids for so cheap!” he says.

And yes, before you health-nuts go getting all granola over me, I do know what they put in hotdogs…pig-skin, horses-chin, buffalo-butts and turkey-guts…I didn’t say healthy, I said cheap!

Okay 9:11 and I still have to make some breakfast squares for this week (easy recipe compliments of my lovely MIL), pack my dad’s lunch (my mom’s in England and he’s pathetically inept at such things) and keep reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…I’m three books behind and desperate to finish before some yahoo tells me how number 6 ends!

Another four day work week coming up…I’ve booked friday off!


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  1. Hmm, I’ll have to check out that under-the-dryer tip (although eek, spiders!). I’m quite sure you’re right about the location of our many missing socks!

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