Newly Discovered Dangers of Reading to Your Children…

…or how Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ruined my son’s hair…

So, I’ve been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Budgie for the past week or so. It’s the first chapter book we’ve ever read together and he loves it! “Just another chapter Mom…just another page…” He gets so excited from the events that transpire in the book. I can see his mind formulating the pictures as I read how Charlie finally finds the golden ticket (his eyes light up, he jumps slightly beside me on the bed), how Agustus Gloop gets sucked up the glass tube (he laughs…his evil laugh). What I didn’t realize is he’d take some of the story to heart and attempt to store his gum behind his ear, just like Violet Beauregarde, the gum chewing young menace…

I’ve just spent my first five minutes home from work cutting a sizeable chuck of gum out of his hair right behind his ear…

Reading, bah! Obviously somebody lied about the dangers of simply letting your children play video games and watch TV!

Here’s the picture (forgot the flash!):

Hey, at least he has a lot more room behind his ear to store his gum now!


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  1. oh my gosh *giggle*, i don’t mean to laugh but i just posted about reading woes in our house too. to funny

    can’t wait to see the picture! bless the little angels.

  2. Wellllllll

    It could look worse! Like the time I was 4 and cut my 3 year old bro’s hair… That was truly awful…

    Budgie looks absolutely adorable. With or w/o hair behind his ear 😉

    Tara 🙂

  3. Thats cute that he gets so excited about reading with you. And don’t worry about the hair, it will grow back lol.

  4. cute!

  5. Yikes! We’ve had a couple of gum-chewing/hair events this summer, and it is not fun! Of course, with my daughter’s hair (which is very long), it tends to get stuck in the end, where it’s somewhat less noticeable when cut.

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