My First Major Article

Last night I completed and posted my first major article on my new site. If you’d like to read it it’s here: So Much More Than “Just a Secretary”. Keep in mind that the site is like a newborn, so there’s not much content there yet and the look of the site is very basic. I like the cleanliness of it anyways. I’ll be adding new things to it daily as I write them. My Site Build It site submits my pages to all of the directories as I build them, so I’ll be getting traffic there soon. I have been so, so busy with writing…I haven’t had a chance to keep up with reading blogs or anything…

I took the kids back-to-school shopping yesterday (I had the day off!). My credit card actually set my wallet on fire…I have never used it that much in one day!

We had a plan. Start browsing in Wal-Mart at 9:30 and pick out some things we wanted to buy. Then head into the mall at 10:00 when it opened, look in our favourite stores for deals and head back into Wal-Mart when we were done with the smaller stores. Zeenee of course was having none of the Wal-Mart clothes…she wanted $115 runners (not on my dime chickie…you have babysitting money and allowance…you’re richer than I am!), a $50 hoodie (I said I’d pay half) and some $40 jeans from Bootlegger (I bought her those). Other than that she’d rather go school shopping at the big mall in Burnaby with her friends…”Can’t you just give me my money Mom?” I’m thinking about it. Considering she just got her high school registration papers in the mail today and we owe like, 12 million dollars in school fees, locker rentals, text-book deposits, pictures (picture day is the first day!), yearbook fees, athletic fees…Zeenee will be lucky to get a new pair of socks to go to school in this year! Oy, if this is high school college is going to kill us!

We ended up buying most things at Wal-Mart for Anabella and Budgie because, people, I know the “Wally World” is the big, bad corporation and all, but when I can buy my son a beautiful printed t-shirt for $4.17…seriously, the big, bad guy is getting my money! GAP Kids my children are not…and my budget is better for it.

Time until I’m back with my family: I’m here…just put the kiddies to bed.

Laundry List: Is someone secretly dumping their laundry at my house in the middle of the night?

Affiliate Marketing Update: 2 articles, 1 in the works, found many places to link…this is soooo exciting!


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  1. oh school shopping. i finished our last week and i must have spent close to 500$ on only 2 kids. of course i did manage to get a lot of there winter clothes too.

    collage… givin’ me a headache just thinking about it

  2. re: the laundry… either that, or it’s regenerating on it’s own, huh?! 🙂

  3. the Gap is equally evil, AND overpriced….

    I’m so NOT looking forward to this with mine….

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