Cleavage, Kids and Jelly Babies

Wow, just had a jelly baby go flying down into my bra. Good job I sit in a cubicle and nobody was around to see me fish it out! My mom brought back an entire suitcase of candy from England last Friday. I’m in Jelly Baby, Flake, Hula Hoop heaven! If you read this blog with any frequency, you know that I eat entirely too much candy…and if you know me personally you know it all goes right to my midsection! (Might as well just slap it right on my thighs…it’s gonna end up there anyways). So, anyways, after I successfully fish this jelly baby out of my bra, I flicked it up into the air and it almost went sailing over the cubicle wall to hit poor Louise in the head!

I had to eat it quick before it caused anymore chaos…mmmm, Jelly Babies…

Taking Zeenee shopping tonight for the last of her school clothes…from what people tell me, the mall is busier than Christmas Eve…so that should be enjoyable. Z starts high school tomorrow morning. She’s going for orientation and it’s also picture day. I’m sure she’ll be up at the crack of dawn for a full course of primping.

Bella told me last night that she had a cramp in her stomach. Me being a smart-ass, quipped that maybe she was getting her period soon (she’s only 9, but she knows about these things…well, so I thought). She says, “well, I am a pre-teen you know Mom.” She figures that anyone between the ages of 9 and 12 is a preteen…not sure where that came from. I made some remark about the pre-teen thing, then she says, “anyways, I’d like to get that mess over with [the period] once and for all”…oh honey, do we need to have a looooong talk!!!

…and Budgie broke his glasses yesterday. To top off this magical time when the chequebook doesn’t stay closed long enough to drop a jelly baby down one’s bra…school fees, Girl Guides, Beavers, Judo, soccer…you, my evil-genius of a 7 year old male, have to go and break your $200 glasses! His excuse? “I just rested my head on the furniture and they broke.” Yeah right!

Epilogue: “He” just called me and in the midst of the conversation told me that if gas prices continue to rise like they are, I’ll have to start taking the bus to work instead of the van. Needless to say I freaked out and the divorce papers are being drawn up as I write. He doesn’t want me to drive to work then I’m not coming here anymore…ever again…ever, ever, ever…

Time until I’m back with my family: 2 hours, 21 minutes (I’ll either be picking He up at the bank or running him over…haven’t decided yet)

Laundry List: Put away folded clothes on dryer, coffee table and bedroom floor. Do two loads…wash, rinse, repeat…FOREVER!!!


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  1. Hey! Just found your site via Tara – the amazing online queen!

    “(Might as well just slap it right on my thighs…it’s gonna end up there anyways). ” …. wasn’t that a Rhoda Morgenstern quote? Boy am I dating myself – but that was very Mary Tyler Moore!

    Anyhow – great blog – I’m a Mum of three also – and also in BC! We should chat (over wine)

  2. Oh my, I remember when it was considered cool to get your period. Now I just want it to go away, thats the only part of pregnancy I liked.
    We don’t even have a bus system here, so I don’t even have that option. And walking alone for miles in the country aint going to happen lol.
    And the glasses, it can happen, I was laying on the couch with my hubby, and all of a sudden the arm fell off, why I have no idea. But the store put a new arm off at no charge, it wasn’t even covered.

  3. Have He look up the defintion of Princess as a refresher course. There is no mention of “loser cruiser” I can reassure you.

  4. Great Blog. Wish you all the best in becoming a housewife afresh. I mean after these paper work is over. Parenting is stressful and blissful I guess.

  5. Didn’t I see a diamond jelly-baby stuffed bra featured on the lastest Victoria Secret’s t.v. ad?

    Like we need MORE incentive for guys to be pawing at our boobs…

  6. Good posts

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