I’ve finally crawled out from under a rock to post…

I haven’t had much time to post here lately, so I’ve managed to go 13 days without an entry. I’ve been trying to write for my website Administrative Avenue and have been having trouble even getting that done…I have so much to say and no idea how to say it. I have an entire outline of topics and keywords…I think I have waaaaay too much stuffed in my head right now.

Maybe some other affiliate site owners can fill me in on the nightmares and the fact that I can think about my website all night! I sleep fitfully the whole night…gaa, I need some good sleep.

I should be sending out my first newsletter tonight – – just to myself of course as I have no signups yet, but I figure if, in a couple of months, I have a few archived newsletters on the site, it’ll help with the content and also encourage people to sign up for future newsletters once they read the old ones. (yes?)

Also, I just put a new article on the site: Organizing Work With the “ABC Method”. I’d love to hear comments on it and also have someone check it for spelling and grammar. I’ve been looking at it so long today that I couldn’t spot a spelling error in the title!

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