Budgie Finds His Groove

“Budgie, did you enjoy soccer?”

“Soccer is my nemesis!” (yes, this came out of a 7 year old’s mouth)

Would you like to try hockey?



“No way!”

“Well, we’re going to put you in Judo and you’re going to try it for three months.”

“Fine, I’ll try it.”

He loved it!!! He actually said, “well that was really fun!” right after we came out of the first class last night! Weeeeeee!

I could tell that he was loving it because he was really trying…and they got to flip themselves backwards and do rolls and wrestle and holds…and he did it all…

Now he claims he will be a black-belt…in five years…(well, are you gonna tell him it takes longer than that? I’m not ready to burst the balloon!)

***the only bad part of the evening came when some horrible little six-year-old ripped the glasses right off of Budgie’s face and threw them on the floor…proving once again that stupid people shouldn’t breed…

***oh yeah and I realized we are once again off-the-charts-busy every night of the week again this school year…must be September!

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