Darn you Lord Baden Powell and your bless-ed Scouting Movement. Did you ever stop to think about the poor desperate [to be a housewife] mothers who have to venture out into the cold, dark, rainy night with their 7 year-old sons for a Beaver trail hike on a MONDAY NIGHT? Don’t you think we have other things to do: like teach ourselves how to make lip-gloss out of cocoa and petroleum jelly in time for our Tuesday night meeting with that other “girls only” organization you started shortly after Scouting — namely the Girl Guides.

It’s really hard to resist that cute, little, spectacled face when he requests that Mommy join him on his fantastic adventure — not Daddy.

…oh and bring a flashlight Mommy, it’s gonna be dark out there.

Time until I’m back with my family: 4 hours, 50 minutes

Laundry list: So I get EVERYTHING done last night, then ask Zeenee to bring up her’s and Anabella’s soccer uniforms for washing…she brings up two more loads! Mad Mommy!

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