The BCTF (BC Teachers Federation) started an illegal strike today…they were out picketing at Zeenee’s old middle school by 6:30 this morning, so I honked and gave them the thumbs up (6:30 a.m. honking not recommended by my sleeping neighbours). They deserve so much better than they’re getting…except for a select few, the teachers in this province ROCK!!! They’re out to get better classroom conditions (fewer students per class/more help for special needs) and a much needed raise that they haven’t had for years. They have my full support.

Anabella and Budgie were miserable about missing school today, but Zeenee was delighted to hear she wouldn’t have to cram on a Thursday night for a Friday French test…so delighted, in fact, that she went to sleepover at Nita’s house last night. Bet she’ll be cramming anyways on Monday night if the teachers come back to work on Tuesday.

It’s Turkey Day in Canada on Monday…long weekend…score!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving all my fellow Canucks!!

Mmmmm…you’re looking mighty fat and juicy Monsieur Butterball…

Time until I’m back with my family: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Laundry list: It’s the weekend…my washer and dryer will be whirring non-stop until late Monday night!

Traffic at Admin. Ave.: 49 visitors yesterday…another record! 25 subscribers to newsletter (10 new this week!)


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  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re supportive of the teachers. My dad was a teacher, and I know that the only time that they ever went on strike when I was growing up, they got a LOT of flack from the parents, and it was really hard on him. Good for you for honking! (even if it was early)

  2. This morning as I was driving by the local high school I honked my horn (even tho it was early)… The teachers deserve way more than they’re getting (last contract was in 1992?!?!). It might be hard on parents to find alternative care for their kids – but they have to remember that teachers want better work conditions, which will benefit the kids.

    I’m glad you’ve given the teachers a shout out.

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