1:30 AM Paigee’s heart is racing. Hospice says this is because it is working much harder to circulate oxygen through the body. The movement of the heart displaces Paigee’s chest almost as much as her breathing. The sound of her breathing is very raspy, like she is almost having trouble getting air. When I touch her she is just skin and bones. I”ve lost track of how many days it has been since she last ate anything. I hope she doesn’t have to go on much longer, unless of course there’s going to be a last minute Miracle ( please Dear God ). I’ve calmed down since my emotional outburst late last night. I continue to remind myself, she is comfortable.

I found this blog last night. I have that little BlogSnob window over on the right of my screen that advertises other people’s blogs and had seen Poodle Paigee advertised every day…I’m glad I clicked on it…what a heart this man must have to write so eloquently about his little girl’s struggle and ultimately her impending death from cancer…she is dying right now as I type…she has maybe a few days left…

Take kleenex and leave prayers…


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