Teachers’ Strike – Two Weeks Old & Starting to Smell

Zeenee is starting to worry now about her courses and how much she’ll have to catch up on when they finally go back to school. Bella & Budgie are just bored. They’re keeping up with their reading every day, but they miss their friends, their teachers, their school. The school was having a new playground built when the strike started…so it sits there, half finished, leaning oddly to one side…waiting for the cement footers to be put in so it can be completed and played on by these kids who have been expecting it since it was announced last spring that their junky yellow playground would be transformed…The construction workers are also union, so of course they won’t be crossing the teachers’ picket lines to finish it.

The teachers refuse to go back to work until the government talks to them. The government refuses to talk to them until they go back to work. So they sit at an impasse. The government has declared it an illegal strike and frozen the union’s assets…no strike pay…like they were enjoying living on that 50 bucks a day anyways…stupid government…do you think you or me could get a bill passed in less than a year? They passed this one in less than a day…and Gordon Campbell calling the teachers criminals for disobeying the law…uhm, DUI in Maui ringing a bell with you Gordie?

The majority of support from people in the Province seems to be on the teachers’ side though, so that’s a good thing. I’m still honking at them!

Just hoping it will end soon…


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  1. I keep honking for the Teachers when I drive past the local highschool each morning… everyday – I do it. I think this impass needs to be resolved sooner rather than later…. did you hear – Monday there is supposed to be a province wide strike – unions: garbage collectors, cupe, maintenance, etc. It’s going to be awesome đŸ˜‰ Gahhh… sometimes Gordon Campbell and the government drives me crazy!

  2. Wow, I am just amazed to read about a teachers’ strike that has gone on this long, and impressed that there are parts of the world where most of the parents will support the teachers in this situation. Let me tell you, if this was in the US, there is no way that people would be as supportive as it sounds like you and your neighbors are being. But that’s why we’ve ended up with almost 50 million people with no health care (well, one of the reasons). I hope for your sake that the strike ends soon, and for the teachers’ sake that they can hold out “one day longer” than the management can.

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