You’ve Been Ghosted

To be ghosted means that someone has left you a secret bag of candy at your door with a note tag saying “You’ve been Ghosted”. The game is to eat the candy first, and then to make up a couple of bags of candy and ghost 2 other neighbors in your ‘hood.

Now there’s a virtual game of You’ve been Ghosted going on. Do you want to play? The rules are easy and it involves virtual candy. How bad can it be? I’ve ghosted two bloggers already.

(1) Now it’s your turn to “ghost” two other bloggers.

(2) Stop by their blogs and leave a comment on their latest post saying, “You’ve Just Been Ghosted — Come Over And Grab A Puking Pumpkin!”

(3) Copy and paste the puking pumpkin somewhere on your blog (either in a post or on your sidebar, perhaps) so that everyone can see that you have been “ghosted” and will not “ghost” you again. This will also let you know who you can “ghost.”

(4) Link to this post (or a post of your own) for directions, grab the puking pumpkin and go “ghost” 2 bloggers on your sidebar (preferably, somewhere you haven’t commented in a while or a blog you’ve never commented before or new to the blogosphere) and share some linky love!

It will be fun to see how many “puking pumpkins” appear in the blogosphere by Halloween.

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