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I’m telling you, there are some absolutely hilarious and smart bloggin women out there in netville. Here’s a few I’ve been reading lately (but not at work…never at work).

Meghan from I’m Ablogging, Jenny from Three Kid Circus and Jenn from Mommy Needs Coffee have collaborated on:

…which is, I have to say, a brilliant idea. They’re all such talented bloggers on their own and now they’ve made a place for all Mommy Bloggers to converge…LOVE. IT.

Through Mommybloggers I found Grace of
Dr. Laura’s Worst Nightmare. Funnier stuff may not be available for this cut-throat price anywhere else!

And, thanks to a recent comment, I present to you Crouching Mommy, Hidden Laundry. The title alone tickles my gigglebone…I’m wondering if she could hide my laundry too…maybe?

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 5 hours, 36 minutes

Laundry List: Hopefully it will be HIDDEN when I get home!

Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy: If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.

Administrative Assistants – have you visited this website? Articles, tips, tricks and humour for the most important person in the office…YOU!


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  1. I’d like my laundry hidden too, please!

  2. (hey! it’s landismom! i love the landismom!)

    Thanks for finding me, dollin. Because of this, I found you. The blogosphere, she is good to us.

  3. Thanks for the good words. In reading your bio, it seems we have much in common my dear. AH, to be a SAHM.

  4. hey, thanks for the shout-out, girl!!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! We are having so much fun with this new site. Readers like you with the fun and the feedback make it ever more exciting! Thanks!

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