Tales of Holiday Cheer

You can tell you never dress up for work or leave a good “fashion” impression on your co-workers when three people comment on your outfit in the first 1/2 hour on the job. One of our suppliers is bringing in holiday lunch for the whole office today, so I thought I’d put on a nice jacket for the occassion. Someone commented that they’d never seen me wear this pink jacket before…I won’t tell them that I bought it especially for going on interviews last year when I was so bogged down with this job and ready to crack! “Oh, this old thing? I’ve had it ages. Got it on sale!”


We went to Bella and Budgie’s Christmas Concert at school last night. Yes, it was a Christmas concert…I think it’s one of the only schools I know of that still lets the kids sing “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night”…heaven forbid we should celebrate Christ-mas at this time of year! Anyways, I’ve come to the conclusion that once your kids get past Kindergarten or Grade 1 the whole concert thing is just a chore you have to attend to…baa humbug! Your kids just aren’t the cute ones anymore and after hearing the same songs from the same teachers for the last 6 years (since Zeenee was in Grade 3), you spend most of your time looking at your watch or making catty comments about the choir teacher who menacingly snapped her fingers through an entire torturous three-part round that they clearly didn’t have enough time to practice…must have been the teachers’ job action in October…threw them off…cause the whole concert was underpracticed…baa humbug!

The most exciting part was when a Kindergarten kid threw up from the top riser and her mom whisked her off the stage…the Kindergarten teacher never even noticed the commotion, but you could see the kids who were standing next to the puke for the rest of the song turning green. Good stuff I tell you!

Well, only three more years of that torture…then Budgie goes to middle school…AND if he’s not in band or choir there, we don’t have to endure anymore concerts (woot!).

…baa humbug!


Oh and my family has come up with a multi-denominational “Holiday” greeting that we will be utilizing from now on…

Glorious Festivus of Christmi-ka!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 7 hours, 32 minutes

Laundry List: Baa humbug!

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  1. Okay, my first question is, how did you do the strike-through in your title, because I have been trying to figure that out in Blogger for about a week!

    Second, the kindergartener puking? Yikes. I agree, the holiday concert is never as much fun as it seems like it should be.

  2. […] 7) What? No puking from the risers this year? Boring! […]

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