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Ow, ow, ow! The heartburn is horrible today! Good thing my boss buys the all-you-can-eat sized bucket’o Tums at Costco because…ow!

I’m thinking I may have to give up drinking tea…it seems to be the root cause of the annoying heat rising up from my esophagus (sp?). Ha, after reading this my MIL is now rocking in a corner, crouched in the fetal position whilst banging her head on the wall…give up tea? Would a person just give up breathing?

The very reason I’m my MIL’s favourite daughter-in-law, besides the fact that I wear the title by default of being married to her only son, is that I’m a tea totaller like her. When we first met 17 years ago we were both pleased to discover that we had something very in common…the fact that we can’t get through a day without at least six cups of tea (and that’s the BARE minimum)…TETLEY’s only…milk and sugar (she has since given up the sugar…I can’t do it). This is the correct way to make it:

  • Prepare it by the pot only, not by the cup

  • Rinse the pot with boiling water before adding tea bags

  • Milk in the cup first, then pour the tea. Watch the many bubbles appear on the surface (GiGi, MIL’s Mom, said the bubbles were money…”I’m rich!”)

  • Serve with vast quantities of cookies, bars, chocolates, toast, potato chips, turkey sandwiches or whatever food is on hand.

I guess by making it here at work I’m doing it all wrong. I don’t have access to boiling water. I have to use the “hot water” tap on the side of the coffee maker. I don’t care how many warnings they put on that sticker about it being piping hot…it’s not boiling to 100C…not even close. I only have access to cream at work…no milk…and I can’t make tea by the pot here. I have to make it by [*gasp*] the cup.

Maybe I should just give up consuming it at work. If I have three cups in the morning before I leave and 12 cups at night, I’ll still make my quota.

You can come out of the corner now MIL…go make yourself a cuppa and relax!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 6 hours, 29 minutes…although they let us go an hour early yesterday and it’s looking favourable for today too…hoozah!

Laundry List: It’s “pouring” out of the laundry room!

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  1. Yum, tea. I think you drink about as much as my husband, but he makes his from leaf (leaves?) not bags.

  2. Delurking to confess that I am a tea-holic. 🙂 But I feel so wimpy when I add milk and sugar. I practically need to apologize for it whenever a cup is made for me. 🙂

  3. Here from a link on Mommy Bloggers.
    Now I’m thirsty for tea! Ive been doing it all wrong – making it by the cup!
    I’ll start doing it the correct way, following your instructions – especially the last! yummm

  4. I’ll comment if you will..LOL
    enjoy your blog!!!


  5. Hi! Stopped in from Mommybloggers. Your love of tea sounds like me with coffee 🙂

  6. My cousin (somewhat older than you) was recently diagnosed with esophogeal (sp?) cancer. He had experienced acid reflux or whatever it’s called for decades. While I don’t think for a second that is something you need to worry about (now), I would advise anything you can do to relieve the symptoms as the acid that is creating this discomfort is not a good thing. I don’t think you need to stop the tea drinking, just the quantity and would also suggest that maybe something as simple as Tums several times a day (or whatever those colored tablets are that are high in calcium)would take care of the problem.

    I swear I am NOT trying to freak you out, just make you aware of potential (WAY down the road) complications of this kind of esophogeal discomfort. Hope this makes sense.

  7. ok I am my MIL’s only daughter-in-law and still not her favorite!! how did that happen???

    and I share your love of tea, my favorite is Creamy Earl Grey!!
    but I do drink more coffee than tea nowadays, and when I do make a pot of tea my little girls are right there to steal it from me!!

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