It’s time to speak up for yourself!!!

There’s a rumour going around the blogosphere that this is “International Delurking Week”…I know because rude cactus said…I know because the fish said…I know because danigirl said…these are smart, good-looking, hygenically conscious people…they don’t tell lies.

So if you read here and you’ve never had occassion to comment (or even if you HAVE commented before)…pop in and say “hi”, pop in and say “hello”, pop in and say “good-day”, pop in and say something! I know how many people visit here everyday…I’ve read the stats…I know you’re out there!

…and if you don’t comment, I’ll be forced to send Cheap Bastard over to YOUR house to renovate YOUR bathroom…see if that doesn’t make you cry a little bit.


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  1. Happy DLW!!

  2. Anything but C.B. redoing my bathroom! I enjoy your words and am happy to come out of the closet!

  3. I enjoy reading your writings, I like the way you phrase things!!

  4. Hi. 🙂

  5. Delurking to say ‘hi’ and let you know that I, too, have been through renovation hell, though my husband is not nearly as frugal (yeah, that’s more ME).

  6. Once in a while I’ve commented on your site, and I’m always here… everyday to see what new and/or crazy things you’ve been up to. I love your writing style – and because it’s delurking week… I’m stopping by to say HI! 😀

  7. de-lurking to say hi – I found your site a while and really enjoy youresense of humour 🙂

  8. Yay! Another BC Blogger! This is my first time here, so I can’t say I’m officially delurking (I linked from Kidlet Chronicles – my best friend), but I will be adding you to my already lengthy list of blogs!

  9. What timing! I plan to print it out and leave several (hundred) copies lying around the house.

  10. Hello…your funny, interesting blog was adjacent to mine in the blogexplosion “battle of the blogs” rankings, so I decided to check in. See what having an interesting blog title can do?

    Anyway. We both use the smae de-lurking icon. And…um…I blog, too. And I make lists! And stuff. So…


  11. Ha ha… ummm… ok.. I’m a week late to the party but I thought I would de-lurk myself…..

    So… “Hi”

    And can you please send Cheap Bastard over anyway… my bathroom needs renovating… ANY kind of renovating….

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