My MIL could so totally beat up your MIL

I’ve told you all before how much I love my mother-in-law right? I’ve always said that if I actually got to select my MIL from a bunch of profiles I would have picked her…she is number one, top notch, best of breed, awesome! I love her more than cheese…and in my house that’s the best compliment you can give (the kids and I are always saying, “I love you more than cheese” because cheese is excellent dammit, but we definately love each other more…so shoot us, we’re weird).

…and the email I just received from her only helps to cement her

I was wondering about your blog….you know the one about divorce and showers and things. How would this affect Christmas? Would I get you or CB? Where would the kids go? I know reno’s can be difficult and that you probably are not thinking clearly in the midst of flying cement bits, cursing, dust from gyprock, cursing, mold, cursing, plumbing, and cursing, so I felt to write and help you gain some clarity and hopefully some uplifting advice that my mother often gave me. “This too, shall pass”. Of course, none of the above comes from a selfish point of view at all but you really should consider the implications. Would we still be able to have tea together? And what about making cards, poking fun at our husbands (well, ok not to their faces maybe but still…..) Please consider these things. My life could be ruined. What if he got another wife and she was awful (of course she would be, she wouldn’t be you) and then what? And what if she didn’t like TEA. Then what…….Oh my, I must stop before I hyperventilate.

Love you much, don’t want to live without you,



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  1. ok I am SOOOOO jealous!!! I wish I had that kind of relationship with my MIL, but alas I don’t…. I do wish that for my girls though and am already secretly planning on who they will marry, so I can share all my grandchildren with a nice MIL and holidays!!
    have I put too much thought into this?? the oldest in only 11 for crying out loud!! or is the effects of not having your MIL as my MIL????

  2. You are extremely lucky and you realize it, which is just the best!

  3. Wow. Mine just thinks I told her son to stop speaking french.
    You’re lucky.

  4. You win. You DO have the best mother in law!

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