Story Time – Poker Edition

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I have become an online poker nut…I’m addicted! Don’t call Gamblers Anonymous yet though, because I only use play money…if I really did have $71,000 I would find something better to spend it on…second car, house downpayment, new shoes. My brother placed fourth in a tournament a couple of months ago and won 600 bucks…nice brother that he is, he transferred 30 real dollars into my account. Big mistake! I lost it in a little under a week and a half…all on one dollar tournaments. So, I learned fast that I should stick to play money and I felt bad that I could have used that money to buy istock photos for my site or something tangible on ebay.

Anyways, I play almost every day, usually after the kids have gone to bed. I usually just do one game and if it’s a slow one, it gives me a chance to read my email in between hands and even surf blogs.

Last night was no exception…I logged on at about 9:50 and put myself on a table of nine. As soon as I was on the table I thought about what a mistake I’d made…my bed was calling to me and I was yawning so big my face was disappearing!

The first hand I got queen & four of hearts and went all-in, because I just wanted off the table so I could go to bed…three other people called me and when their cards were revealed, they all overcarded me with aces and kings. Great! I’m going to lose! I can go to bed! Not quite…the flop turned up three more hearts and I knocked all three of them out with a flush…cool!

But, this is the funny part, another player on the table who didn’t get knocked out starts calling me an asshole and a suck out (if you’ve never played on PokerStars, you can actually type instant messages to other players that everyone on the table can view)…he’s clearly mad that I went all in on such a weak hand and won…so I type this in on the next hand (summoning my best Forest Gump “sorry I ruined your Black Panther party” voice):

Sorry I’m taking all your *fake* money. I feel bad that you could have used that *fake* money to feed your *fake* kids. Gee, now you can’t buy that *fake* new loaf of bread.

Ha! I could just feel him fuming behind his monitor. I must have touched a nerve because he went all in on the next hand with Ace Jack…and I knocked him out with three kings.

Sweet Justice!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 3 hours

Laundry List: I’m going all in on this one…but will probably lose!

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  1. ok that is too funny! hey what is that link to that poker site?? I play on line too but I used up all my free minutes and am cheap and don’t want to pay to download any games!!!
    we play texas holdom a lot around here, $5 a game!! it is great cuz I need the little cheat sheet and everyone gets frustrated with me cuz I go all in, thinking I am bluffing, they call my bluff and I end up with a full house!! it really pisses them off!!!

  2. WTG hon – I love the little crybabies like that, or the ones that scream bloody blue murder when you hit on the river. Poker is TOO fun! You’d have loved Vegas, tons of $1/2 tables going on, but I didn’t have time to play on them 😦

    Lala’s World: here are my favorites:,,, and Hope that helps! And I believe D2BH plays on 🙂

    Tara 🙂

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