My baby brother’s unit left for Afghanistan on Saturday. His big sister is very unsettled about this. He is far too young to be carrying a gun, stationed in desolate country, with dry, horrible terrain…in danger of being blown to bits by the very people they are there to protect and help. All I can think of is the Canadian soldiers who were recently injured in Kandahar…the same place he is to be stationed.

You may think that 28 is old enough to be carrying a gun, performing peace-keeping duties, serving his country…but my mind still sees him at 7 (Budgie’s age)…leaping around the backyard wearing only a black Uvex ski helmet, G.I. Joe underoos and a towel tied around his neck like a cape.

Be safe CAPTAIN BEACHTOWEL…and please let August come quickly…


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  1. I just went outside and let a lucky feather fly for Captain Beachtowel…I believe any feather I find brings luck if released into the wind and that’s just what I did. And by the way, 28 also sounds just way too young to be anywhere inhospitable to me, too.

    Your remembrance of him as a little seven year old brought tears to my eyes.

  2. I’ve had several family members serving in the armed forces in the past couple of years–it’s nerve-wracking. Hope he comes home safe!

  3. Posted by Rhonda on January 24, 2006 at 8:05 am

    I’m a big sister too and I know it’s hard not to see him as your baby brother. Blessings are with you and I know he will come home safe and sound.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes….

    What comfort it can bring I don’t know… but I’ll be holding good thoughts for Captain Beachtowel til he comes home safe.

  5. I had a brother in the Forces too… I always had to remember that this is what he signed up for – this is his job. To me it’s scary as hell… but I’m not the one who thought that would be a fabulous career either. 😛 I’m sure your brother will be fine – he’ll do his tour and come home safe.


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