Sell Your Soul Day

It’s election day here in the Great White North. Time to decide who we want to run this beautiful country of ours. And here are the nominees:

The demon we know…

The demon we don’t know…


Looks like it’s going to be good old Satan running things around here from now on…if the advance polls are telling the whole story. We should be flying the Stars & Stripes and singing God Bless America by next Tuesday…the man will sell us piece by piece. And while I’m worried about losing important things like universal health care, gay marriage and good beer, not to mention the fact that our military will be expected to fight alongside our new countrymen in Iraq (what? We have a 1978 jeep and a plane from WWII that we could contribute!) I’ve decided to focus on the pros of being assimilated into joining the U.S. of A:

  • No more worries about the dollar gaining/losing value. We’ll be spending the REAL green stuff.

  • No passports/ID cards required to go down to Washington to shop at the outlet stores.

  • Our own outlet stores!

  • We won’t have to wait years to get products new to the market….like spray-cheese in a can!

  • Annual free trips to Disneyland! (ya’ll are soooooo lucky)

  • Many, many, many more DEMOCRATS to help fight the good fight against the Bush Administration! Woot!

Canadians – Get out there today and V O T E

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 7 hours…need an extra hour to go mark an X

Laundry List: I’m voting NDP on this one — as there are Numerous Damned Piles of it all over my house

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  1. really? this is what’s happening there? is there a draft in canada? they ae really going to make canadians go to war? maybe we need to go somewhere else..

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