Want to see my new place?

I’m thinking about moving to here. Would you be so kind as to check it out with me…tell me whether I’m making the mistake of a lifetime leaving my current digs?

Please, please, please?


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  1. it looks nice and the price is right! are you ready for a big move, started packing yet???
    I like it so whereever you go you know I will always visit you!!

  2. I’ll follow you if you go…didn’t check that one out when I made my recent move, so don’t have helpful advice, though.

  3. What are the Pros & Cons of moving? I like your current space just fine but would read you either way.

  4. I hate it when folks move, but having said that…I’ll keep on reading!

  5. I just want to say that your site currently has a PR 3 (through Google)… which isn’t so bad. If you do move – you should leave a link on your old site so people can find you. I’m not sure if you can do redirects through Blogger. Because after all your hard work – you don’t want to lose your traffic 🙂

    BlogCharm is relatively new – not sure what the pros and cons are to it.


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