Monday – Random Nonsense

  • Last Friday was the official start of my getting every second Friday off work. Woot! Actually, I requested it back in July 05 and my boss only got around to implementing it now. It means two lost days of pay per month, but even Cheap Bastard thought I could use the break for my sanity. I loves him…
  • As of January 1st I also got put on the company’s benefit plan (medical, dental, MSP, Long-term/short-term disability & insurance). The company pays for the coverage, which means that nothing comes off of my cheques for benefits…so really, if I’m being covered for $425 worth of benefits per month, those two days of lost wages are covered. I just got the cards today that you take to the pharmacist when you need medication and you don’t have to pay money up front. I’ve never had this before. We’ve always had to buy drugs and submit our receipts on CB’s plan (we still have his benefits, which means that dental is covered 80% by his and the remainder is covered 80% by mine). I feel like a kid in a candy store…I think I’ll get my doctor to sign me up for a variety of medications (depression, dementia, diptheria, diarrea and anything else that starts with a “D”)…one of each of all those pretty colours of pills please…ooooo, shiny!
  • I am so incredibly tired from this past weekend. If I have a coffee before I leave work I think I can manage to stay awake for the drive home and obey all the traffic signals…I have reservations about making it to the front door of my house once I park though…since there are SIX steps to navigate…I wonder if anyone has ever slept on our front lawn before? Hmmm, I seem to recall an incident one New Year’s Eve…
  • My SIL and I are starting Weight Watchers on Thursday night. Cheap Bastard is hesitant about my ability to get through an entire day sans chocolate, but I think I can do it…(oh God a Mars bars would taste sooooo good right now!). I told him he’d be sorry he was such a Doubting Thomas when Debs and I were the hottest Mommies on the beaches of Kelowna this summer…ha, I can dream…at least I already hold the title of “hottest Mommy married to Cheap Bastard”…by default of course.
  • Zeenee is mad at me because I commented that she hadn’t cleaned her room in a really long time…she went into a tirade to the effect of “youdon’tappreciatewhatIdoaroundhere – Idomorethanotherteenagers – whyareyoualwayssonegative? – youareruiningmysociallife”…something like that…then she stopped talking to me…I only got a grunt out of her this morning when she was getting out of the van. I don’t understand it…I didn’t yell, I didn’t knash my teeth. I simply commented on the state of (dis)grace of her room. I also found the answer to the question “why have the seven of us been sharing four juice glasses, two bowls and a plate for the past several days?” Seems that she is harvesting a crop of mould spores using my good china (when you’re a Mom, Corelle is good china) and 11 day old macaroni and cheese…there are glasses, bowls and plates on every usable surface and I believe something in one of those bowls waved at me from under her bed…
  • My best friend since grade two just called me from Calgary to say that she is pregnant! I sat here behind my cubicle wall squealing and cooing incoherantly…then I cried a little. My Lou-Lou-Weeza is gonna be a Mommy…which means another trip to Calgary for me in July. Can’t. Wait.

…that is all citizens. Return to your regular lives.

I’m. Tired.

Desperate to be a Housewife


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  1. LMAO….. that is too funny about the dishes thing!! I have to keep buying cutlery, mainly spoons, the girls like to freeze juice in cups and then eat it with a spoon, I find spoons and cups under their beds, under couches, outside – those ones end up getting chewed by dogs!! girls…. they are all the same eh?!?!

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