The sale didn’t go through…

I’ve decided not to move. I called the realtor and told her the sale was off. I’m staying at Blogger. Thanks to The Empress, who pointed out that I have a good page rank at Google with this blog already, so I think I should stay where I am. (I wish I really knew how to search out that page rank thing…one more thing for my list of things to learn). I do have an idea for a new blog that I want to write, but too many time constraints to start it right now. I’ll keep Blog Charm in mind for when I start that though.

Just got back yesterday from a Girl Guide camp with Anabella. We had the best time. We went to a Guide camp on the Sunshine Coast called Camp Olave. It’s a collection of tent sites and lodges of various sizes located right on the ocean. The girls made t-shirts, many crafts, prepared meals, did dishes (some of them had NEVER helped with this at home!), cleaned toilets and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning…much to their leaders chagrin (I’m sure I’m now officially “Mean Guider Dave” due to the number of times I threatened their very lives if I heard “one more sound coming from this room and don’t anybody slam this door again and I don’t even want to hear you say shhhhh for the millionth time and I will call your parents and get them to come and get you in the middle of the night and boy will they be mad if they have to pay to take a ferry and come out here to find you strung up on the flagpole in your pyjamas…and NO, I don’t have any clue where your flashlight is…and again, GO TO SLEEP!!!).

The weather couldn’t have been better. We only had a few sprinkles of rain…the girls actually waded in the Pacific Ocean….in January! Something I never could have imagined growing up in frigid Calgary.

I have pictures of Anabella and will try to post them later tonight…I had sooo much fun with her!

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 3 hours, 29 minutes

Laundry List: Oh boy, happy days…I have so much waiting for me at home!

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  1. glad to see that you are staying!

  2. Glad your staying too 🙂 If you’d like to know where to find the pagerank of a page you could download the google toolbar (from and that’s an option you can have on the toolbar. Or if you’re using firefox – Under Tools/Extentions – you can search for the pagerank extention and it puts it on your firefox screen… god that sounds confusing… but if you need more info – don’t hesitate to ask!

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