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Mmmm, yes. Well. I’d give some good excuse for not posting for a week and a half, but nothing is coming to mind. I’m chalking it up to the new title I have given myself…PROCRASTA-MOM…she works, she plays, she makes lunches, she does laundry…right at the very last possible minute! Watch as she makes list after list of chores, then shuffles them to the bottom of the pile. Listen as she yells at her kids to do their homework, then sits down at the computer to work on her site…and ends up playing hold’em. Observe the late nights as she frantically whips up a craft for a girl guide meeting the very next day. PROCRASTA-MOM…coming soon to reap havoc on your schedule!

I started out banning myself from posting on D2bH until I’d updated my blog on Administrative Avenue. That didn’t work. The last post there is still sitting at January 18th. That whole thing is starting to worry me…am I ever gonna be inspired to work on it some more? I’m pathetic!

News from the Weight Watchers front. I lost 6.4 pounds the first week! I have been elated all weekend, since I found out on Thursday night. The leader gave me my “I lost 5 pounds” bookmark and then made me tell everyone what my secret is…I don’t know…magic? I actually almost made
a joke of it and told them I drink a lot, seeing as I’d just been to the dentist the hour before for a crown-prep and my words were all slurry from the freezing. That would have been funny. “I’d like to tell all you beefy-like-me ladies that I followed the point system to the letter and it worked, but really I just suckled on a bottle of Crown Royal everyday and the weight just fell off!” Actually, I did follow the system to the letter and it IS working. It’s the easiest thing…except for all the water. I can drink the six 8oz glasses of water, it’s just that I haven’t seen my family or been to work in 11 days as my bum is firmly attached to the porcelain pot…I have to pee about eleventy-billion times a day. How’s this for the next WW commercial:

“I lost 100 pounds and my bladder fell out”

I have to set little goals for myself and work towards the next ten pounds marks…or I’ll go insane thinking of how long and hard it’s gonna be to lose 73 pounds. Yep, you read that right. 73. Just to get to a healthy weight. Not even an ideal weight for my height. Just healthy. 73 son-of-a-pounds! I took my measurements last night…sigh…ouch. I need to have those measurements down on paper for when I don’t feel like I’ve lost very much in a week or when I lose nothing. Then I can turn to the tape measure and prove to myself that I’m making a difference.

I’m sticking to this…I actually kind of like it. And, I’ve just finished my 8th serving of water for today.

Excuse me. Excuse me! Move aside! Oh Lord, tell me there’s no-one in the bathroom. I’ll use the men’s if I have to…

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 51 minutes

Laundry List: 2 or 3 loads…it was a good weekend.

WW4 – The battle of the bulge: 6.4 pounds lost. 66.6 to go.

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  1. Congratulations! That is great news.

  2. congrats on loosing the weight I have lost at least 3-5 pounds but not from WW, my diet secret is strep throat! just keep getting sick and the weight doesn’t have a chance to creep back on!!
    anywoo good to have ya back, I was starting to worry!

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