WW4 – Week 2 (the one with lots of swearing)

Nectarine Stupid Nectarine was disgusting

Orange (it’ll have to do) 1

This is what I just wrote in my Weight Watchers tracking book for my morning snack. Because I’m mad. And not just crazy mad (for I’m always that), but pissed off mad too.

Stupid body. Stupid Weight Watchers. Stupid fat.

I walked into WW last night with a grin on my face. I was gonna have lost at least two more pounds. I would be taking my flex points down two points to the next lowest weight category. Hell, maybe I’d even lost 3.4+ pounds and I’d be receiving my next “I lost 5 pounds!” sticker. I love Thursdays. I LOVE this system!

Oh, yes please I would like to buy an organizer wallet for all of the information you keep giving me. Yum, WW chocolate bars that taste like Mars bars. Give me two boxes! Oh yes thank you I had a great week!

Then I stepped up on the scale, the nice lady behind the table recorded my weight and I literally had a mental meltdown while still standing on the scale. Okay, the window is over there…I’ll just run over and throw it open and j…oh crap, we’re only two floors up…stupid hotel conference room that smells like sweat!

I gained!!! 0.6 pounds!!! Son of a bitch!!!

I think the nice lady could see that I was starting to shake, because she started talking really fast:

  • Did you drink all your water? Lady, I have just removed myself from the bathroom for the first time this week to come here and weigh in…and when I get off the scale I’m heading right over to that door with the stick-lady in a skirt on it. Drank the water…check.

  • Did you record everything you ate? I have become so familiar with food labels over the past two weeks that the food manufacturers took out a restraining order on me. Do not stalk the food labels. Recorded the points…check.

  • Did you eat ALL of your points every day? Now this one was hard…there’s a lot of stuff to eat everyday and sometimes I had maybe one or two points left at 10pm and I didn’t want to eat anything else that day. Ate all of the points…oops, no.

So. Yeah. Gotta work on that last one and change a couple of things up, like the order of the food I’m eating.

Anyways…I did end up going on a murderous rampage after the meeting. I killed a medium fries and frosty at Wendy’s. Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

Back on the wagon today. And I’m still upset about the crappy nectarine…

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 4 hours, 26 minutes

Laundry List: Just phoned Zeenee at home to ask her to pick up all the laundry throughout the house and put in a couple of loads today, seeing as she has a Pro-D day and isn’t at school. Got MAJOR attitude from the princess…NOT a good day to mess with Mom…doesn’t she know I can wreak havoc on her social life?

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  1. I guess there will be weeks that there won’t be much loss. and those weeks suck!!
    hopefully it goes better for you this week!! and your WW doesn’t move to a taller hotel!!!

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