Birthday Party Chronicles (BPC)

My Budgie-mon turned eight on Saturday. My youngest…my baby…turned eight…EIGHT!!! I’ll post pictures later as they’re still in the camera and Cheap Bastard hasn’t downloaded them yet. That’s his job…mow the lawn, put gas in the van (cause I hate that job) and download the pictures from the camera. He lives the life of luxury.

I want to tell you about Budgie’s birthday party. About how I wasn’t sure if I’d survive until 6:00 when people picked up their little hell-freaks and took them home….FOREVER. About what an incredible idiot I am for not planning at least two months in advance. About the fact that I’m NEVER, EVER doing this again for at least three months (when it’s Bella’s 10th). About the empty liquor cabinet at my house. I think I’m going to break it into sections. Yes sections. No, different posts. Yes, different posts that all link together. Like a really good Stephen King Serial…full of horror…sans the skills of an excellent writer.

I tell you this now, instead of on Saturday when everything happened…like Budgie’s real birthday…where he turned eight…and Mommy drank a lot afterwards.

I’m not very good at posting on the weekends…you may have noticed. I THINK to post on the weekends. In fact I come up with some great topics and stories in my head. But when I sit down at my home computer to post…there’s this little button on there that screams “POKERSTARS!”. And I click it. And I play that instead of bloggifying (shut up…it’s a word). And I burn others with my slowplay. Because I am addicted you see.

So instead I write it all out here…behind the cubicle wall. Where I should be typing the Safety Minutes…a recap of the most excrutiatingly boring two hours of last week. Luckily, the fingers sound like they are typing safety minutes…and underneath this little screen are the real safety minutes which I quickly click back to everytime an intruder approaches the cubicle. No harm, no foul right?

…she says as she visits the unemployment office…

Continued in BPC Part II – The one where Procrasta-Mom planned the party…


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  1. You are wrong – Stephen King would tip his hat to you – you’re a very eloquent writer…and…do we work at the same company because we have Safety Minutes at our company and I, too keep the real work within a click’s reach (however, I’m off raising the current sprog right now)…and…can I come and drink with you?

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