High Maintenance Mama?

I’m feeling like I need to get my hair coloured. And get me some of those kick-ass gel nails that all the pretty girls are adorned with. I’m feeling a little high maintenance.

I haven’t had my hair coloured at a salon since high school graduation (and do I need to remind you how long ago that was?) and I’ve NEVER had fake nails. I’ve also never been to a spa or had a massage, but we really don’t need to start getting all weepy and whiny and poor Vicky here do we? Let’s move along.

I just need to talk Cheap Bastard into coughing up the hundred bucks for the colour (hey, he didn’t get the nickname after buying me the Hope diamond ladies)…the nails I can maybe beg for as a birthday present…or an “I lost 20 pounds” gift to myself.

Have you ever been to a spa? What do you guys do to make yourselves feel pretty?

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 1 hour, 17 minutes

Laundry List: It’s “pretty” damned disturbing…


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  1. I do get my hair highlighted every three months. A big expense, but it makes me look a little more like I think I should look, if that makes any sense.

    And once a month I get a pedicure. If I could only afford one thing, I would continue with the pedicure. They make you feel good all over, Vicky and are relatively cheap. Just find an inexpensive place for the pedi…if you like what they do, go back a month later. If you don’t think they’ve done a great job, find a different place.

    Get family members to give you gift certificates for pedicures or hair coloring, etc. Let them know the name of the place where you get this stuff done so they can get you the right gift certificate. That way it won’t come out of family finances and it makes gift giving easier for folks.

  2. I’m trying to decide if I should stop coloring my hair when I turn 40 (it’s a few years off yet, but I need time to make a decision this momentous). I remember that when my mom stopped dying her hair, and instantly went grey, I was horrified (at age 13). I have gotten in the habit of actually scheduling my next hair appointment while I’m still at the salon, because otherwised I let waaaay too much time go between appointments, and look like a Saint Bernard in the bang area.

  3. LOL… you know I’d not coloured my hair since I was in high school – and that was a good few years ago. But last year, with the support of my other half I went ahead an went a bit blonde, then a bit more blonde…. and then really blonde. This past hair colouring session – I said to my hairdresser… take me back to where I once came from. So back to a brunette I went. I got tired of the maintenance. But you know, it’s nice once in a while to kick it up and feel good about yourself – treat yourself. 🙂

    I’ve never had a manicure myself – I just think with everything I do – those darn gels would just chip/break off… and drive me crazy. But I wouldn’t be against them if I really wanted to splurge.

    I say give yourself a treat… a reward for just being you.

  4. I’m totally embarassed to admit this but I color my hair at home. From a box. I think it’s L’Oreal. Whatever — the name is French Roast, and I pretty much just picked it because of that.

    Also when I am feeling high-maintenance, I buy those “Real Natural French Manicure” nails that totally look like short, clean, filed nails but are still purty. I forget who makes them but they’re about $5 at the drugstore.

    See?! A cheap spa day for you! $9 for hair dye and $5 for nails! I can’t believe I’m giving away all my secrets….

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