Is it the end of the world or are we just out of stir sticks?

Actually, we’re just out of stir sticks (here at work…and using plastic spoons instead. Not really a crisis of any magnitude, but enough to put some coffee efficianados around here on edge). I just thought I’d use that title as a teaser. Plus, it’ll look inviting in people’s RSS readers. What? I’m the only one who subscribes to my RSS? Well, I guess I’ll have a giggle on my own about it then. Hrmph.

Crapanella. I should really just change the title of this blog to Procrasta-Mom. Because. Lately. I am getting everything done just on time. And blogging very sporadically at all times.

Here’s one from the Procrasta-Mom Follies. I (unsuccessfully) ran a small business in 2002/2003 from my home. I made the mistake of thinking that I would be eventually making exorbitant amounts of money from said business and started charging GST (Good and Services Tax – for the southerners…and other non-Canucks) on my invoices. In late 2002 the government sent me forms (as they do for everyone) to claim and pay the GST I had charged. They did the same in early 2003, late 2003, early-early 2004, later 2004, even later in 2004, approx. 6 million times in 2005 …and finally, because I’m not a big enough humiliation to myself, they sent my employer a garnishee order on Monday. The garnishee order was for over 1200 dollars – what the tax man had assessed (best guess). The truth of the matter is that I hardly made any money from that business and the damages were closer to $40. That’s right people. Procrasta-Mom let a 40 dollar bill go for over four years. Right up to the point where my boss had to pull me into his office and voice his concern for having to pay me 30% less for the next few months, so he could pay the government on my behalf instead.

I am the Biggest Loser – but not in the Caroline Rae TV show kind of way. Lucky for me…at the very last minute (read Monday after the humiliation) I got in touch with a very nice collections lady at Revenue Canada and got the whole thing sorted out…paid my debt…avoided the garnishee…slapped myself around for another stupid-job-not-so-well-done…dusted myself off…and started thinking I should really be getting ready for the next crisis to come along.

…so I got a tea and read some blogs.

Desperate to be a Housewife

Time until I’m back with my family: 4 hours, 58 minutes

Laundry List: I should really begin to think about doing some of that…ooooo, more tea!


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