Thursday Thirteen – MIL

Thirteen Things I love about my MIL

It’s my MIL’s birthday today. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to one of my favourite people, hands down. Recently, she started her own blog, View From My Deck. Go on over there and send her some love…and while you’re at it, help me encourage her to keep on writing…cause she’s good at it! Here are thirteen reasons I think she is the best:

  1. She gave birth to the centre of my world. My rock. My looo-vare. My guy. My hottie. The young chap I met and fell in love with almost 18 years ago. She is Cheap Bastard’s Mummy.

  2. Without question, she is the best Granny to walk the earth…EVER. She is the Granny of Zeenee, Anabella, Budgie and Little O. My kids worship her with every ounce of their being and when she’s in the room, all others cease to exist. I think it’s because she has always PLAYED with them, not simply looked down on them as a grandchild, a possession, another notch in her belt. She befriended them. And, like the kids do to her, she worships them too.

  3. I can call and talk to her about anything. She is my best phone-friend and pretty much the only person I’ll take a call from anytime of the day or night.

  4. She likes tea…Tetley’s only…milk in the cup first…no more to be said about that.

  5. She taught me to cook. When CB and I first got married, I could hardly boil water. She’s given me a lot of her great recipes and taught me how to make them all.

  6. She got me my first job in my chosen career. When I was 18 and in my first year of college, she let me fill in for her while she went on holidays. She taught me all about working in an office, answering a phone, typing, filing, etc…all at the same time! And she did it patiently….while answering a phone, typing, filing, etc.

  7. She is crafty. Not in a sneaky kind of way. More of a sewing/knitting/stamping kind of way. Zeenee was the best dressed baby, thanks to her Granny’s amazing creations. When we get together we do a lot of crafting…or discuss crafting…or go to craft fairs…or compare crafts.

  8. She has a penchant for shoes. The more pairs the better. The prettier the colours, the better. Who couldn’t love that about a person.

  9. She believes that a conversation cannot be well had without the aid of baked goods. Cookies, squares, cinnamon buns…they all bring out the “talk”.

  10. She has a talent for picking out great gifts for others. She just KNOWS what will make that person happy. This past Christmas I got the softest, warmest pajamas from her and FIL. Like her, I am always cold and she must have known when she saw them that they’d warm me to the core.

  11. She has a giant, beautiful personality that just draws people to her. Perfect strangers will stop her in the street and start up a conversation, probably because they see the warmth in her smile and her eyes and know she has a heart to match.

  12. Because of this magnetic personality, she sometimes draws in the most interesting, quirky, amazing people and thusly has the most interesting, quirky and amazing stories to tell about her encounters.

  13. She loves her family and friends fiercely and I’m proud to be counted as one of those people.

Love you Mom. More than cheese. Happy Birthday!

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  1. oh wow what a tribute!! I am so jealous!! have I mentioned that before???? I may just have to kidnap her!!

    great list
    my TT is up!

  2. Wow, you sound like you have such a wonderful relationship with your MIL.. that’s so awesome!

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